Viana and Barry – Teesside wedding Photographer captures High Force Engagement Session

I caught up with Viana and Barry last week for their pre-wedding engagement photoshoot at High Force. As a Teesside Photographer I knew the place pretty well but have never had an engagement session there. After what had been a beautiful summers day, to begin with, it turned to low dull could by the time it came to the photoshoot. Apart from no could at all, there’s nothing worse than a thick blanket of white cloud for a photographer. It is hard to make any photos pop without some form of light. There are no shadows to play with and no backlight to give that kick you sometimes look for in an image.

A Slither Of Light


Viana and Barry agreed to meet me at Low Force waterfall. Although I photograph people, as a Teesside Photographer I love to showcase the landscape in my photos. For me, the landscape around us just as important in a photo as the couple. There’s a reason people are drawn to specific wedding venues. It is not just about the cost to hire the wedding venue or the food they serve. Some venues are on cliff tops, and some are by the sea, others hidden under mountains. These places draw certain people to them, and from personal experience, I know that you have a connection to those places.

After hopping from one vantage spot to another overlooking the waterfalls, we decided to take a little walk along the path that runs alongside the river. Just at that moment, we were blessed with the shortest slither of sunlight that just started to break free from the clouds. You never know how long the light will last in those situations, especially when it is that good, so as a photographer, you have to improvise and start shooting.

I can’t wait to head north again for Barry and Viana’s wedding at the end of the month. In the meantime, please have a look through their engagement photos and let me know what you think.