Unscripted - Aaron Jeffels


For Families That Love The Unscripted Everyday Romance Of Life. Lets Capture It and Frame It For Life.



What is Unscripted? Well its exactly what you think it is. Is capturing those real moments your family share every day but never capture. Its real life, its the raw, unedited truth of your life.

Why Unscripted?


It’s simple really, I love those photos my self. The sheer delight on Christmas day when your children see the presents around the tree for the first time, the look on their face when they jump in a muddy puddle on an autumn walk or ice cream running down their face on a warm summers day and don’t forget the tears when that overtired tantrum boils over.

I love to photograph it all.

These photos are priceless for me and I want you to treasure these moments with your own family.

I believe we should capture these moments and treasure them for an eternity. This is your family history and the memories you will be most fond of in the future.

Documentary photography preserves the moments in our life that might soon be forgotten.

Life is Unscripted, let’s capture it.

What happens on the day?


Firstly don’t treat this is a normal photo shoot. There’s no forced smiles or silly poses. I just want you to be you.

On the day ill turn up and just start to photograph. Try to forget I’m there, think of me as a friend who’s whos popped round for a brew.

Nothing posed, nothing staged, just real life.

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Package One

  • One hour photography at your home
  • All your photos on your own password protected online gallery
  • £100
new born photography

Package Two

  • Two hours of photography at your home
  • All your photos on your own password protected online gallery
  • Five 5×7 prints of your favourite photos
  • £200

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