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From sustainable weddings, hidden messages in wedding dresses to big floral, wedding trends in 2020 are changing fast. I have put together a list of wedding trends for 2020 so you can be in front when in comes to planning your dream wedding. 2020 is the year to think big and to think outside the box.

Sustainable Wedding

2020 is the year to go green. More people than ever are thinking about their carbon footprint and what impact they are having on the world. Some top wedding trends for a sustainable wedding I have seen are swapping plastic straws for paper or bamboo. Using local wedding venues to cut travel times. You could take this even further by bussing everyone there from one central point. Using local vendors who use local suppliers. Did you know most of the UK’s flowers come from holland by ship? Why not use florits who use local growers? For your favours you could use something living or edible. Why not gift small plants or food from the surrounding areas. Lastly and this might be a bit conterversial but why not upcylce your wedding dress. If you love your mothers then why not use it but have it redesigned by a local craftsperson to suit your style? If that doesn’t sound appealing then why not use a brand that has an eco range like H&M

Think Food!

Food is everywhere at the minute and its definitely one of the top wedding trends for 2020! Your guests don’t just want to know what they are eating, they want to know what’s in their food and where it came from.

2020 is all about making a statement, even if it is an eco-friendly one. We live in a world where news travels fast and everyone has an opinion.

Think about what you are putting on your menu and if it’s local. Is it fresh, is it in season and is it good for the environment?

Did you know 34% of people want to reduce the number of food miles their food does before hitting their plate and 54% of people think food tastes better when it’s local?

Big Floral

Big floral is in for 2020. It’s about making that statement in the biggest way possible.

Pamapas grass, ferns, dried gypsophila, heads of hydrangea and smoke tree branches are great for voluminous and textured floral clouds which your florist can create and suspend from the ceiling to look like they’re floating.

Think about your local growers and what is in season around the time you are getting married. You could even add more dried flowers and grasses so you can reuse your arrangments after your wedding day.

Confetti Alternatives

Thankfully one of the top wedding trends in 2020 will be alternatives to traditional confetti. You can no longer throw plastic confetti in most wedding venues thankfully so couples are looking for fun and imaginative alternatives.

Bubbles, paper pom poms and even dance ribbons are replacing plastics.

Groomsmen Grooming and Planning

Gone are the days of the groomsmen turning up on the day in an old suit and just getting told what to do when!

In 2020 we will see grooms and ushers step forward and take an active role in all parts of the wedding. More often than not couples are wanting two photographers so they can capture the groom getting ready on the morning of the wedding.

Grooms will also want a more hands-on role planning the wedding. In 2020 we will see couples make joint decisions on venue, entertainment, food and most importantly what they will wear.

With the rise of shows like Peaky Blinders, men are starting to take more pride in how they look and what they wear.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

With people looking to the past for ideas, one of the top wedding trends for 2020 will be a vintage style wedding dress.

The modern take on this modest look incorporates ruffled necklines, long sheer sleeves, period-inspired layers and lace, plus flowing skirts that give a contemporary take on boho breeziness.

With sheer fabrics, there’s still a lot of sexiness to the modern Victoriana trend.

Self Serve Drinks Bar

As wedding trends change and evolve, expect couples to move away from the traditional stately homes and think more out the box.

As couples move towards more DIY weddings in back gardens, farmers fields or church halls to save on cost except to see bathtubs, barrels or buckets filled with peoples favourite drinks.

With ideas galore on sites like Pinterest, there are endless options out there. You could even hire a dedicated company to bring the drink to you. Check out Yorkshire Vehicle Hire to see how they transformed a Landrover into a moving bar.

Instagram Worthy Wedding Venues

2020 will see couples think more about the finer details. Couples want to create an experience their guests won’t forget in a hurry. They also want to create an impression, not only on their guests but on their guest’s social media.

2020 is the rise of the Instagram wedding venue. 

Venues that stand out with unique and quirky features will rise above the rest as couples think about planning their wedding day.

Gone are the days of booking just an empty space and filling it with chairs and tables. People want to make a statement, be it big or small. Wedding venues in 2020 need to stand out.

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