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Are you planning your elopement? Below I have brought together my top tips on how to plan an elopement and where to start. 

The traditional big white wedding that is portrayed in all the Disney movies and Hollywood rom-coms is not everybody’s cup of tea, with a rise in couples deciding to elope over hosting a huge wedding with all the trimmings.

 The reasoning behind this can be due to a multitude of possibilities, with one being that the couple simply does not care about having a huge glitzy, glamorous wedding but would rather keep things simple by opting to elope. Figuring out exactly what it means to elope and discovering all the positives that come with eloping may be enough to convince you to follow in suit.


If an elopement is something that you are considering then carry on reading and maybe this blog may be enough to finalise your decision.

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What Does Elopement Mean?

The exact meaning to elope is to secretly run away and get married without the knowledge and consent of your parents, but in reality, most elopement stories aren’t as dramatic and scandalous as the definition may make out. In fact, just like everything else in life, the tradition of eloping has evolved as time has gone on and many couples plan to elope without it being a massive secret from their family and friends. However, sometimes the couple may choose to elope due to a surprise turn of events… 


The year 2020 saw elopement weddings become more popular due to the global pandemic causing a restriction on the number of people that were able to attend a wedding ceremony at one time. Many couples had to reschedule or even cancel their wedding dates due to the restrictions and the wedding industry, just like many other industries, had to close its doors until further notice. Yet many couples didn’t want to wait any longer to become a joint unit and rather than reschedule their plans and wait to have a huge wedding celebration, they chose the option to elope instead. 

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A more modern-day elopement would see a couple travel somewhere to legally get married, with only inviting a very small amount of guests. It is a lot quicker and much more informal than having a big white wedding but at the end of the day, it is still a legal binding of two people so it does involve a little research and planning.

How To Elope In The UK

  • Make Sure It’s Legal – At a minimum of 29 days before you are getting married you must “give-notice” to marry at your local registry office. Once the notice has been given then you have up to 1 year to get married. 


Even though the traditional definition to elope is to run away and get married without the permission of the couple’s parents, the law states that you have to be over the age of 16 to get married in England and Wales and if you are under 18 then you will need permission from your parents. 


  • Plan The Wedding – In order to get your marriage license you will need to know where you’re going to get married so you will get that step ticked off in part 1. Once you have 
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  • got your venue/destination decided you can begin by designing the look of your wedding. One positive of an elopement is the amount of freedom you get. Everything is up to you and you can plan things to match exactly how you imagined them. Do you want to wear a traditional white dress or a smart suit? Do you want to exchange rings? Would it just be the two of you? The choice is yours.


  • Pick Two Witnesses – To legally marry in the U.K. you need at least two witnesses present at the ceremony. These can be people you know or two random people you found on the street. However, one tip from me would be to choose your witnesses in advance. If possible, do not wait until your wedding day to pick two people from the street. The secret to a stress-free wedding is organisation. Plan things in advance so everything is in place on the big day.


  • Turn Up To The Elopement – Make sure you are prepared for when the big day arrives. Have your outfits picked out and at the ready, have your vows/speeches prepared and written up, and most importantly, make sure you have fun. This is going to be one of the most magical days of your life so treasure every moment of it.
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  • Decide How You Are Going To Celebrate – Once the ceremony has ended and you are officially a couple, it is time to celebrate and go headfirst into the world as a united pair. But how do you want to celebrate? It is common for couples to have a huge party for all their family friends and celebrate the marriage with them but it is also common for couples to go for a nice sit-down meal, just the two of them, to celebrate the elopement, Do things the way you want them. As long as you and your partner are happy, nothing else should matter.
  • As a photographer, I have been asked so many times to photograph couples for an extended amount of time after the ceremony. Eloping is perfect for this! If you value photograph and have no set plans afterwards then we can spend the next few hours capturing some of the most amazing photos to remember your day. Remember, at a traditional wedding finding the time for photos is hard and normally people don’t want to get their dress dirty, but eloping throws all that out of the window. Think big mountain panormas or long windswept beaches. 
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I Want To Hear Your Stories

Have you got an elopement planned in the near future? Maybe you decided to elope during the lockdown? I would love to hear from ybe you decided to elope during the lockdown? Let me hear your stories!


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