The Bucket List

At the end of February, I finally completed something from my bucket list. As a destination wedding photographer, there are a few places I would love to photograph with a couple. One of these is a New York wedding. Can you imagine spending a full day with just a couple walking the streets of New York and visiting all those iconic locations? The next would be the Scottish Highlands. Personally, I don’t think there is anywhere more beautiful than the mountains during the autumn. 

I managed to cross Thailand from my list when I photographed Jonathon and Geeb earlier this year. As a destination wedding photographer, I’m not sure there is anywhere else that is more diverse and interesting as Thailand. Those white sandy beaches lined with palms, or the hustle and bustle of the night markets, Thailand has something for everyone. It is odd thinking about my Thailand trip now as our lives have changed so much since getting home. 



After months of planning and videos calls with the couple, I finally landed in Bangkok. IM not going to lie, all I could think about was my bed. After travelling for 22 hours, it was starting to take its toll. Also, I really needed a shower. It was sleeting when I left Newcastle airport when I landed the humidity was through the roof, and I could feel it. 

Jonathon and Geeb tied the knot and The Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya. They are a group of luxury hotels in a complex with their private beach and several luxury restaurants.

After arriving at the hotel, I could only think about showering and my bed. I desperately needed to catch up on some sleep before I could do anything else. Later that night, I caught up with Jonathon, Geeb and their families over some beautiful Thai food. We were all buzzing for the wedding.

By now that’s all I could think about.

The Wedding day

Jonathon and Geeb had a stunning beachfront wedding, surrounded by their friends and family. The white sand stretched as far as you could see with palms lining the shoreline. The weather was beautiful, it was warm, but the breeze from the sea meant it was just right. 

Once the formalities of the ceremony were over, they left through a shower of orange petals and a sea of smiles. 

It was amazing to take a step back and just watch two families from different cultures and beliefs come together to celebrate the love of two people. 

As a destination wedding photographer, I think this is one of my favourite parts of a wedding. 

Food, Dancing and Cake

As day turned into night, Jonathon and Geeb headed to the garden terrace to celebrate the rest of their day with their wedding guests.

The garden terrace was such a perfect place to celebrate. Lush green grass covered the floor, and palm trees formed a wall around us on three sides. Their huge plams formed a roof over our heads which swayed in the cool evening breeze. In front of us in the dark was the noise of the waves softly lapping up on the beach. 

Can you imagine a better setting to celebrate your wedding day?

After photographing Jonathon and Geebs wedding and witnessing how beautiful the day had been, I thought about that bucket list an how I couldn’t imagine a better way than this to strike it off my list.

Later that evening I sat down with Jonathon over a nice cold drink, and we chatted about how great the day had been and as a wedding photographer how much I loved watching people come together from different cultures and backgrounds.

If you are planning your destination wedding, then please get in touch.