Planing Your Engagement Photoshoot

Couple hugging on river bank during the engagement photoshoot

One of the most frequent questions couples ask me is what to wear on their engagement photo shoot. However, a simple question, the clothes you wear can hugely impact how your photos turn out.

In this guide, I want to give you some tips on what to wear and how to get the most out of your engagement photoshoot with me. Before I go any further, please try to remember why you originally booked me and my style of photography.

I love the outdoors and pushing people out of their comfort zone. I try to create unique photos without focusing on clothing as much as other photographers. In my photos, I try to showcase the landscape just as much as the people in it.

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Top Tips on What to Wear For Your Engagement Photoshoot


Be Comfortable And Confident

Being comfortable in your own clothes is an obvious point, but it makes a massive difference in how you portray yourself and on camera. It can also make a huge difference if you feel slightly nervous in front of the camera. During your engagement photoshoot, you want to be beaming and not worried about the clothes you are in. 

couple hugging under a waterfall

Be Your Self

These are your photos, so be yourself. Don’t wear a shirt/dress/suit jacket if you never wear one in real life. As above, be comfortable. I want your photos to represent you, not someone else. 

Couple sitting in long grass during golden hour

We Will Be Outdoors, So dress For The Outdoors

I love walking, I love being outside, and I love landscape photography. When you booked me, you probably saw some photos that blended the people with the local landscape. This means you need to dress for the outdoors. Don’t worry about wearing those fancy heels. There’s a good chance we will be doing a little walking over muddy fields, down rocky paths or crossing rivers. Chuck on some walking boots/old trainers and wellies. Trust me, and you won’t look out of place. 

Couple kissing during engagement photoshoot

Think Of The Seasons

When picking an outfit, try to think of the season you will be having your photoshoot in. In spring and summer, blues, whites, stone colours work well. During the Autumn, work with the changing colours, yellow, browns and creams. In the winter, earthy green tones work perfectly. 

Don’t Forget The Pets!

I often get asked if pets or children are allowed. The answer is always yes, but there’s a downside. Pets always add something to a photo. They help distract you from the camera and add a focus to the picture. However, when you add children, you turn the photoshoot away from an engagement shoot to a family shoot and the dynamics for both a very different.


The way I try to pose my couples is through emotional reactions instead of physical commands. This way, you show your natural side to the camera, and it is real compared to me posing you for every photo. This is impossible to do with children. I will always welcome children to a photoshoot, but I would recommend just photographing the both of you. 

If You Love The Glam, Then Go For It

Although we are outdoors, I know some people love to dress up. Own it, go for it, and let’s make it fabulous! 

If you have any questions about any of the above, then please let me know, and I can’t wait to photograph you both.