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Heart Of The Lakes

Who doesn’t dream of an outdoor wedding? We see them all the time with the picture-perfect couple climbing up a mountainside. The bride in her wedding dress and groom in his suit, with not a care in the world. In the background, there are vistas to die for. The ones you only ever see on Instagram on Pinterest. Well is it possible to do that in the UK? Well Yes and No

Slowly the traditional wedding in the UK is starting to become more of a personal project to the couple. Young couples now are looking to elope, they are thinking about sustainability and eco-friendly, but most interestingly they are wanting a wedding day that reflects themselves and their personalities.

Over the last few years, I have started to move away from the big grand weddings in stately homes to more intimate wedding days. People are starting to get married in tipis, church halls and back gardens. I think now though with the help of social media people are starting to open up about getting outdoors and exploring the natural world. Last year I and a few select wedding suppliers decided to head over to the heart of the lake district. We explored some outdoor wedding venues and had such a fantastic time that I wanted to show you some of our outdoor wedding ideas and what you can achieve in 2020 and beyond.




Sophia Jo Bridal

Sophia Jo bridal are a bridal shop based in Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland. They decided to get involved because they have a vision of thinking bigger and out of the box. We wanted to show brideds that you can have an outdoor wedding and still look glam.

The dress Sophie and Jo chose for the shoot worked perfectly. They complemented the surroundings which made the photos timeless.

When you pick your wedding dress for your outdoor wedding, try to think about the surroundings you will be in. If you want those instagram worthy photos you might have to walk and climb a little. You will need a wedding dress that will let you do just that. Think fitted, maybe short, but thats not essential.

I always say you only get out what you put in. Does it matter if the bottom of your wedding dress gets muddy? As a lake district wedding photographer I love nothing more than getting out into the hills with my couples and getting those wow shots.

Dandy Threads

Dandy Threads Guisborough is a clothing shop that specialises in grooms suits for weddings. Just like Sophia Jo they love to think big. When I spoke to them about the shoot and the ideas I had they couldn’t wait. 

I would like to say men have it easier when it comes to an outdoor wedding. We can change our shoes to boots and make a feature out of it. Normally the colour scheme is darker so we don’t have to think about mud and dirt. 

What I do love about an outdoor wedding though is that you are free to customise your outfit. Elaborate buttonholes, smart coats, scarfs, hats and as mentioned before, shoes. 

Yorkshire Vehicle Hire 

Yorkshire Vehicle Hire is based in Great Ayton and are specialists in 4×4 vehicle wedding hire.

When you think the Lake District you think 4×4! I don’t think there’s any other choice when you want to get around in all weather in comfort.

If you are having an outdoor wedding in the heart of the Lake District it is worth thinking about transport, moving camera gear around and because it is your wedding day why not have some luxury? 

Wedding Ideas


Haystack Seating

Get rid of those chairs and seat your guests on haystacks. Top with a blanket for extra comfort. Its also eco-friendly 

Outdoor Wedding Lounge

Save money and think eco by using those haystacks and turn them into informal seating for later on. 

Outdoor Photobooth

Why get married outdoors and not make the most out of it? Scrap the enclosed photo booth and use a fuji Instax camera. bring along an open frame and used your surrounds as your photo backdrop.

Wedding Photos

Its obvious but take some time to go and explore with your photographer. Really make the most of those settings and get those amazing photos you dreamed about. When we were there we found a huge cave. Look below for the photos. 

Ditch the formal meal

Do you really need a sit-down meal? There are some amazing BBQ companies out there who will cook for you. Get around a fire pit with your friends and family and have a great time with some awesome food.

Dressed Relaxed

You will want that all-important wedding dress! Which bride doesn’t, but I have been to weddings recently where they have not set a dress code. Ditch the heels and suits and party.


Forget hotels! Get camping. Why not get there a few days before and make the most of it. Hire some bell tents and bling them up. It’s not all about sleeping on the floor and slumming it. 

The legal part.

Why not head to the registry office before your big day and hire a celebrant for your main wedding day. The legal part is done and dusted, but can you imagine how great saying “I Do” would be on top of a mountain or beside a river. Just magic

Same Sex Marriage

Finally, in 2020 we are starting to move with the times and same sex marriages are becoming accepted and normalised. We still have some work to do but at least progress is being made. 

One great thing about an outdoor wedding is that you can create your same sex wedding to how you like to and not be constrained to peoples expectations. 

Personally from working with gay couples I think we are getting there with wedding venues and most are on board and we are all moving in the same direction. 

If you do decide to have an outdoor wedding and you would like to discuss your big dreams with me then please get in touch by clicking the button below. 

Remember to dream big, go and explore and get in touch with suppliers who can make your dream come true, there’s plenty of us out there.