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I first spoke with Katie back in June 2020 about her wedding. After a few emails back and forth, we managed to set up a call and spent ages talking about her and Bens wedding day and what was important to them both and what they wanted from their wedding photography.

Sadly Ben’s father passed away when he was young. However, he had an old Mercedes car that he sold, which later on Ben managed to buy back and restore. So it was very important to Katie that the car was featured in their wedding photography as a lasting memory and a little tribute to Bens father.

They celebrated their wedding day at Crayke Manor, north of York and tied the knot at The Church of Saint John the Baptist in Leeming, not far from where they live.

Crayke Manor is a beautiful old country house in North Yorkshire. It is a warren of rooms set on several floors. As I am a documentary wedding photographer, I love this kind of setup.

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As I walked through the back door into the farmhouse kitchen, you could hear the hum of bridesmaids chatting upstairs. I was greeted by one of Katie’s aunties in the kitchen and promptly offered a cup of tea; we are in Yorkshire, after all. One brew down, I was then shown to her room.

Walking through the house, you could feel the history in the walls and hear it in the creaks of the old floorboards.

I was greeted to a room buzzing with activity.

Katie was in the chair having her make up done, one bridesmaid getting her hair done. Children ran from room to room as if they were in a maze, and several other people were sitting on the huge bed chatting away.

This is my perfect setup when photographing bridal prep for your wedding photography. I love the buzz on the morning of a wedding. Organised chaos. Bliss!

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Ceremony | The Church of Saint John the Baptist in Leeming


After the bridal prep was finished, we headed over to the church in Leeming for the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with emotion. Back outside, we photographed the confetti shot, which is one of my favourite photos of the day.

Back in the cars, it was time to head back to Crayke Manor for the wedding reception and party.

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Wedding Breakfast | Crayke Manor


Crayke Manor is Listed Grade II*, being of special architectural and historical interest. The original house dates from the 17th Century, with later additions and is predominantly Jacobean in style, rare for this part of North Yorkshire.

At the back of the manor, a large open barn is perfect for weddings and allows each couple to put their own spin on the venue.

What I loved about Katie and Bens wedding is that it was a real family affair. They all arrived several days before to help decorate the venue and set up the wedding. This is what weddings are all about. Friends and family come together to celebrate the marriage of two people and the coming together of two families.

During the day, when the clouds parted, I managed to grab Katie and Ben for a few minutes to photograph them. I fully understand that your wedding isn’t a photoshoot and we are not models. Because of this, I try to keep the session as light as possible. I ask questions and keep everything very light-hearted. This is your day, and I want you to enjoy it.

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Evening Party


Katie and Ben hired a band, and we finished with a fantastic sparkler shot as they walked down the drive with their guests.


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