How to Throw the Perfect Wedding Confetti Moment: Tips and Ideas

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Confetti is one of those things that makes a wedding feel like a party. It’s fun, festive, and everyone can be involved. So if you’re wondering how to throw the perfect confetti moment at your wedding, follow these tips!


Choose The Right Confetti.

Not all confetti is created equal! Make sure you choose a biodegradable option that will float and photograph well. I always find that dried petals work best. They float in the air longer, and because they are natural, they don’t cause any damage to the environment.

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Teesside wedding photographer photographing couple walking down the isle


Timing is everything

Your confetti moment should happen at just the right time. Choose a moment that will be easy to capture on camera, like when you and your spouse walk back down the aisle after being announced as husband and wife. I always try to get everyone outside straight after the ceremony. That way, it doesn’t allow people to disappear, and also, people are in sheep mode and will always follow the person in front. Then, once we are all set up, it allows you to make your grand entrance to your guests and a married couple.


Give your guests a little guidance once you have your confetti moment planned out. No one wants to be caught off guard! An excellent way to do this is to have someone announce when the confetti will be thrown. I usually say something like, “Now let’s show the new Mr. and Mrs. some love with some confetti!”

How to Throw the Perfect Wedding Confetti Moment

Stage The Photo

I’m not too fond of silly posed photos, but this one is slightly different. It’s not natural to have things thrown in your face and look happy, but this is precisely what you need to do. Remember to hold hands, celebrate and most importantly, smile….we can remove the confetti afterwards!


If you wondering how to throw the perfect confetti moment then follow these tips, you’re sure to have a fantastic confetti moment at your wedding! Just make sure to enjoy it and soak up all the love and happiness from your guests. Congratulations!

Do you have any other tips or ideas for throwing the perfect wedding confetti moment? Please share them with us