Everything You Need To Know About Micro Weddings & How It Could Be Your Perfect Scenario


As the name suggests, micro weddings are primarily about the size and scale of the occasion. Though the name refers to the Greek word, mikros, meaning small, a micro wedding can still feature many of the aspects which are more commonly associated with a larger traditional wedding.

If you are considering a micro wedding or you are wanting a better understanding of the term, then read on to find out what a micro wedding is and how it could be your perfect scenario.

Micro Wedding Ideas

What Are Micro Weddings?

Do you know the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement wedding? It is extremely common to get the two confused but they are in fact very different. 

A micro wedding will host no more than 20 guests, traditionally being close direct family members and friends. Differing from an elopement wedding which only involves the couple, 2 witnesses and an officiant.

Micro weddings are not a new trend that were conjured up during the corona virus pandemic. In fact they have been going on for years as a more relaxed and flexible alternative for couples who don’t want a huge white wedding for their special day. You still get all the beauty and elegance of a traditional wedding but on a much smaller scale and usually with a more relaxed and flexible vibe.

There is not a “normal” or “traditional” style to base a micro wedding on. You are the one who decides how the ceremony will look. Will it be a long day or a short day? Will you have it indoors or outdoors? Will it be formal dress or casual dress? You are the one who decides. 

With more and more couples opting for a more unique style to their big day and craving the more relaxed vibe for their wedding planning, micro weddings seem to be here to stay!

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How Could A Micro Wedding Be Your Perfect Scenario?

The Budget

When you are planning a wedding, always start by setting a budget. Don’t start looking for venues or picking your wedding attire before you have a budget because that is how you find yourself overspending. In 2019 the average UK wedding cost over £31,000. Nevertheless, opting for a micro wedding could significantly reduce your cost because you would be catering for a limited number of people. However, as previously mentioned, choosing to have a micro wedding allows you to have freedom and flexibility with every aspect of the big day so it ultimately comes down to you and how you choose to spend your budget.

No Rule Book

A traditional wedding has a lot of expectations and requirements but a mirco wedding doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same rule book. Planning for a micro wedding means less people to accommodate for, it means you don’t have to worry about any of the traditional formalities that you would be expected to do at a big white wedding and it means you can make your wedding day as personal and unique as you want to.

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Reduced Stress

Your wedding day is a truly magical day but it is no secret that the big occasion can come with its hand full of nerves and stress. Yet when you are only hosting 20 or less guests, a lot of the things on your to-do-list can be significantly reduced. Less things to worry about equals a more stress free celebration. 

A Better Experience With Your Guests

At any large gathering it can be difficult to get that one-on-one interaction with everyone but this is especially apparent at a wedding. A traditional wedding usually brings on extra guilt when the bride or groom haven’t had time to interact with everyone but it can be really hard when the wedding guest lists consists of over 100 people. But, by welcoming fewer guests to the event allows for a better experience between you and your close family and friends.

The True Meaning Of A Wedding

At the end of the day, a wedding is a symbol of the love between you and your partner. You don’t need to have a room full of 100+ people to celebrate your relationship. Micro weddings can help to bring your mind back to what really matters about the whole thing. As long as you and your partner are happy, that is all that matters.

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I Want To Hear From You

So, I hope you now have a better understanding of micro weddings and the many positives that come with one. 

Have you ever had a micro wedding or are you currently deciding whether it might be a good idea to have one? Either way, I would love to hear from you on Facebook, Instagram or by filling in the form on my contact page.