Danby Castle Wedding | Kathryn and Sven

Danby Castle Wedding

There are some venues as a photographer that you love visiting; this is one of them. Kathryn and Sven had their Danby Castle wedding back in June, just as COVID restrictions started to lift.

Danby Castle will always hold a special place in my heart because I got married there myself. It is a place that, over the years, has become so familiar to me, which is such a nice feeling to have with a wedding venue.

Sitting on a hill with breathtaking views of the Esk valley and the tiny village below, a Danby Castle wedding is beautiful. Surrounded by grazing cows and the sound of pheasants on the open moorland, Danby Castle is the perfect North Yorkshire wedding venue.

Danby Castle Wedding

The Wedding Day


Kathryn and Sven live in London. However, Kathryn grew up locally, and she wanted to get married close to friends and family and be in the open countryside where she used to call home. 

Like so many weddings last year, COVID impacted all our plans. I had never met Kathryn and Sven before their wedding day, I was a little nervous beforehand.

I try to work with all my clients to break down those barriers that say you’re the client and I’m the photographer. So I try to get to know them; I want to be a guest or a friend. Having that bond lets the couples relax around me then allows them to open up. 

Luckily I never had this problem with them. Instantly I felt at ease around them, almost as if I had known them for a lifetime. We had chatted plenty over the phone and through emails, and this just seemed to flow naturally into their wedding day. 

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Danby Castle


Danby castle has two options when it comes to saying your vows. There is the old courtroom upstairs or an outside ceremony looking over the Esk Valley. In my opinion, they are both beautiful.

Kathryn and Sven opted for the courtroom ceremony, which was beautiful and emotional. I loved Kathryn’s wedding dress as it was so simple but elegant and perfect for a Danby castle wedding.

Once the ceremony finished, they headed down onto the lawn to celebrate with family and friends whilst the weather was perfect.

Due to COVID rules at the time, they had to have table service, but that didn’t stop people from enjoying themselves with the outdoor games and catching up with old friends.

I love exploring the ruins at Danby Castle. I love history and always think about the castle before it was abandoned, then converted into a farmhouse.

Bride and Groom

The ruins these days make a perfect backdrop to group photos and those all-important wedding portrait photos.

After a beautiful meal and some brilliant speeches, I grabbed the happy couple, and we all headed off onto the moors for their wedding photos.

You never know what you will get on the North Yorkshire Moors when it comes to weather, even in June. Luckily for us, we were disappointed.

We just managed to grab the most stunning golden sunset before it was too late.

Although portrait photos are important, I believe that your wedding day should not be a photo shoot. I always try to keep it as relaxed and informal as possible.

Once back, we finished the night by heading outside to celebrate under the setting sun.


I Would Love To Hear From You


If you are planning a Danby castle wedding, then get in touch. I would love to discuss your plans with you.

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