My Photo Sessions and How to Prepare

 Childrens photography sessions. Aaron jeffels photography, based in Guisborough, covering the North East and teesside

The amount of photo sessions I have done over the years where people have been nervous is staggering. I know how they are feeling, I’m normally the same but just on the other side of the camera. I always feel a few nerves are good though.

How To Prepare Then?

 Aaron jeffels Photography, childrens photoshoots, covering teesside and the north east

Recently I have decided to move away from the studio. I found it makes people clam up and you never really get natural photos. Its the unfamiliar surrounding and the bright lights. Thats why I love the home sessions. Real photos in real surroundings.

  • Clothing – keep it simple. Plain clothes with neutral colours will keep the focus in the photos on you. Also your photos will last the test of time, Peppa Pig might not be fashionable in 20 years time!

  • Do not plan – If you have kids, like me youll know you can never guess what they will do next. For me I have embraced this over time and go with the flow. The photos you get are so natural and real that you will smile every time you look at them.

  • Relax – I know its easy saying this, but the more relaxed you are the more natural the photos will be. I always ask my clients to be brave! What I mean by this is let the photographer do their job and forget they are they are there. I love getting close, this means you get some amazing photos, but you do need to be brave and let the photographer get stuck in.

  • Be personal – almost the same as above, but what I mean is be personal in your photos. If you kiss your children normally, then still do it. If you have a favourite arm chair, but its a little messy around the edges, don’t clean it, leave it. Its all of these things that make you, you. From the books you read to the food you eat, show it and be proud of it.

  • Have fun – In my house fun normally means mess. I know theres nothing worse than having a stranger in your home, never mind photographing you, but don’t forget to have fun. If it makes a mess, then just embrace it. My children love baking and crafting. Two hugely messy things, but you will always see a smile in the photos of them.

  • Time – Pick a time that suits you. Theres no point booking a session when the youngest normally has a nap or dinner. All you will get a crabby kids.

  • Crying – Remember every child cries. Some of the most memorable things I can remember are my children crying, they sit alongside the happy times. I always photograph everything, these are your memories after all. Don’t worry about it!

 Childrens portrait sessions by aaron jeffels photography, based in Guisborough but covering teesside and the north east

Thats just a few top tips for my photography sessions. Like I always tell every family, be your self and enjoy it.

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