My 2017 - Review

Firstly happy New Year!!

I hope every one had a great 2017, looking back over the last year I know I did. Going into 2018 I wanted to take stock of what happened over the last year, the good and bad parts, and hopefully see what 2018 might bring. This isn't going to be a month by month review of everything that happened, but more of a snap shot of some of my favourite images, favourite people that I have worked with and what I want to happen in the next 12 months. 

Learning How to work 

I've never been one to set goals or New Year resolutions (I find them hard to stick to), but I do like a plan. I like to know where I'm going, I'm just not that fussed how I get there. 

For what seems like years now I've wanted to be a photographer and over the last 18 months I've found out how hard it is to be one. Forget about the technical side of taking a photo, that's about 5% of the job, its the business side that takes your life over. Would I change it, NO, am I learning to live with it and add it to my family life, YES. 

Firstly 2017 has taught me how to run a business side by side with your family. There is always give and take but family always comes first. I guess the best thing about photography though, you always get the chance to capture whats going on around you. 

The amazing people I get to work with!

2017 has seen me work with some amazing people. Creatives right on my door step that I didn't even know about. These people are working night and day and are creating amazing things, from clothes and crafts to amazing hair styles or creating their own make up style. I've learnt so much from these people, probably with out them even knowing it. 


These two images are some of the most important I have ever taken. Both photos helped me completely change how I photograph everything. I love the top photo, but after I had it printed large I found the quality wasn't as good as it should of been. It gets slightly soft around the edges. the second photo isn't my favourite, maybe not even top ten, but I met another photographer there, and after about an hour chatting in the water I completely decided to change my camera set up. 

Gone are the old heavy DSLR's that weigh a ton and hurt your back after carrying them all day. I ditched all that and decided to move to mirroless. This has been the best move I have ever made. Its not with out its downfalls, but I am confident I'am getting better images for it. With out taking these two photos I'am confident I wouldn't be typing this right now 

2017 has seen me hit the studio a few times, some for charity work and others for clients. I have loved them all. Working with local business like Madame Me Me and Claire's Boutique, both based in Guisborough and working with local make up artists like Gemma Rimmington. 2017 has been an amazing year for networking with local business. 

My Favourite Portrait shoots   

Below are my favourite images from portrait sessions I have done through out the year. I love natural shots that tell a story. I like to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, one where people can relax and forget about the camera.

The Big Day - A snap shot

2017 has thrown some great weddings at me and some challenges along the way, from long hot days to the shorter dark ones. The year has also thrown some real emotional weddings at me, the type that shows how much you should cherish every day with loved ones. 

Below are some of my favourites from the year. These might not be your typical gallery shots, the ones with perfect light and model couples, but the ones that show raw emotion, laughter and love (although not every one is happy at weddings). 

Looking ahead - 2018

2017 has been an amazing year for me, I've met some great people all over the northeast and had the chance to capture some special moments in peoples lives. Photography for me isn't about creating the perfect image but trying to capture the perfect moment. 

Whats does 2018 have in store? Well more weddings! Im lucky enough that I get to work with great couples in some fantastic locations, it makes my job...well not a job really. 

One thing I haven't been happy with is the lack of landscape photography I have done during the year. It was landscapes that sparked my passion for photography and its where my business started. Over the next 12 months I have set my self to take at least one landscape every month. Fingers crossed I find the time. 

Here's to a fantastic 2018 for every one