Me! Wedding Photographer, Chief Button Hole Pinner and Foodie Lover

Aaron Jeffels photography

The Things I Love….

  • Cooking – BBQ, Pizza (propper pizza, you know straight out of a woodfire with a thin crispy base) and Sushi
  • Dogs at weddings are a must!
  • Coffee, I don’t know what it is but there’s something that makes it sooooo good.
  • Lego. I know how old I am and I don’t care
  • Films – Batman, star wars (old ones of course), Ghostbusters (love a bit of Bill Murry) and LOTR
  • Gaming (nothing scary mind)
  • Travelling!! Give me a city break or a backpacking holiday any day of the year. I hate sand….and heat!
  • The outdoors – Hills, mountains, woods all day long, and even better if they are in autumn or winter!
  • I love driving…..is there anything better than a long drive listening to music?


Remember to create great memories and be happy. That’s the secret to life.

My favourite North Yorkshire Wedding Venue


North Yorkshire has some of the best wedding venues I have been to, but my all-time favourite is Danby Castle. 

Danby Castle is set in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors overlooking the Esk valley. It has stunning 360 degree views of rolling moorland and no matter what time of year you get married there the views are just stunning. It has castle ruins that are perfect for exploring and photos and a converted barn where your wedding breakfast is held. Click on the link below to check this amazing place out.


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