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Me and My Story

Hi, thanks for stopping by my little place on the web

I’m Aaron Jeffels, a wedding and family photographer based in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. I specialise in candid wedding and family photography throughout the North East of England.

My first memory of photography is from my early teens. My parents gave me a simple point and shoot camera so I decided to go for a walk one day and just photographed anything I could. This was the first spark that ignited my passion and I have been photographing ever since.

After school I eventually started studying at collage where I became rather frustrated. I wanted to learn how to take great photographs, not just snap shots. All we seemed to do was bury our heads in books and learn about other photographers, every once in a while we would go for a walk and take some more ‘snap shots’. I lasted a year and decided to leave.

Fast forward ten years, cram in two house moves, two dogs, two children and a wife and Aaron jeffels Photography was born out of a failed landscape photography trip. I had never considered photographing weddings, but after my first one I was completely hooked! For me its one of the best jobs on the planet. I often get asked why would I want the stress, but my reply is always “why wouldnt you want to spend your day surrounded by happy people”

Thanks for stopping by, I really look forward to hearing from you.