Tips And Help On What To Wear For A Spring Photo Session

I often get clients asking me what they should wear for a photoshoot, so I decided I would write a blog to help people out.

The number one rule for me is to make sure you are comfortable. Wear suitable clothing for the environment and enjoy it. With spring coming up and the weather hopefully turning the corner then it’s the perfect time to get outside. That said what you wear will make a huge difference in how your photos look.

I always find that it is best to wear neutral colours that fit into the surroundings. If we are photographing on the beach for example then creams, whites, navy blues all work great. If we are photographing in woodland at spring then light blues and pinks work great with creams, whites and yellows.

So what should you avoid?

Patterns that clash – stripes and spots – I also recommend that you don’t wear anything with large logos on them. This means that you photos will age perfectly with time. In the future that famous brand might be out of business, which means that you photos instantly become dated.

Please watch the video below to see some examples.