Beccy and Richard | North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Every wedding is unique, that’s why I love photographing them, but there’s something just that little bit more special when the bride and groom go that one step further with the finer details. Don’t get me wrong every wedding I have photographed has had those last little finishing touches by the couples to make it their day, but Beccy and Richard went above and beyond anything I had ever seen before.

Beccy and Richard tied the knot in Aldwark. A little village nestled just off the river Ouse, halfway between York and Thirsk. A typical beautiful small North Yorkshire village that has one road passing through the middle with a pub at one end and a church at the other. If you love quaint little villages, then this is paradise.

The ceremony was held at St Stephens church, with the reception at the other end of the village in the local pub. This is where Richards and Beccy’s vision for their wedding day showed. Most of the day was held in a tipi just outside the pub. The only way I can describe the tipi without being there was like a tardis. From the outside, it looked perfectly normal, but then as you walked through the double doors, the magic became apparent.

The detail that had gone into decorating the inside was beyond anything I had ever seen in my life. The amount of work both of them had put into planning and decorating the tipi shows what can be achieved with a sprinkle of imagination and a little dedication. Plates were collected from charity shops, moss foraged on walks with the dog and ornaments sourced from friends and family. What I loved most though was that it showed that you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands if you are willing to put in the work.

You could say this was the ultimate DIY wedding, but you would never know. The quality of the decorations and the setting was probably better than if you employed a wedding company to do the work fo you!

Lastly, we need to talk about that cake! Ah the cake, the cake I had heard so much about but had no idea what to expect. To say I was a little excited would have been a lie and to say I was a bit nervous was an understatement. When asking Beccy what photos she wanted, all I ever got was “the cake”. The bride herself made the wedding cake. It was the ultimate centrepiece for any wedding. To this day, I still don’t think photos do it justice. You need to see its true beauty and detail with your own eyes.

Suppliers from the day.

Wedding Venue: Aldwark Arms – https://aldwarkarms.co.uk/

Tipi Hire: https://www.papakata.co.uk/

Cake: https://cabbagepatchbakery.com/

Dress by Essense of Australia and purchased from Ava Rose Hamilton

Men’s suits Marc Darcy bought from Bridgewater Menswear
Makeup by Zoe at Zoe At Hearts Professional Salon and hair by Kelseigh at Tigerlilly Beauty Spa

Below are some of my favourite photos from the wedding day.