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I just wanted to share some news that I had last week. Recently i submitted some work to Vogue Italia from a wedding I did last year and it was accepted to be published on their website. This was some amazing news to wake up to and yes I did squeal when I saw this had been accepted.

Why This Image?

When you submit to Vogue there isn’t any feedback from their editors so it’s hard to find out why they picked this one image out of all the others, but I am so glad they did. It’s fair to say I love this image. I always find traditional group photos pretty boring. Thats not to say theres anything wrong with them, its just when I am photographing people I want to see their personalities shine through. Every one of us has our own little traits and quirks and I think these should be celebrated.

The image above does that for me. Each and every one of them are doing something a little different. I love how the bride is isolated, I think it draws even more attention to her than normal. Its a group photo where the individuals stand out.

Any way, its back to reality after the high last week with more editing and emails to send.