We Need To Talk About….

Something crazy happened this week in the wedding photography world. The video has gone viral, its all over Facebook, Twitter, News outlets…..just everywhere. I must have watched it a dozen times and Im so on the fence its unbelievable.

What Am I Talking About?…

This week a video posted by a bride on Facebook has gone viral because the wedding photographer PUSHED the brides step mother out of the way. Don’t get me wrong she did deserve it, but did she do the right thing. Check out the video below..


Now then I totally get why she did it. Its a once in a life time shot and I don’t believe in asking the bride and groom to have a second kiss, but this could of gone so wrong on so many levels.

Apparently the step mother had accused of the photographer of not doing her job correctly. I don’t believe it personally. Someone with a phone camera isn’t in a position to tell a professional how to do their job. I have seen the photograph of the first kiss and its a great wedding photograph. Secondly the photographer and the step mother had apparently had words earlier in the day and it looks like this was the tipping point.

The Issue For Me

Theres two problems I have with this.

  1. I don’t think it looks very professional. I think this will split so many people down the middle simply because you are “assaulting” a family member just so you can get a photo. I do get why a photographer would want to get that one photo, but are we as a society so desperate to have everything that we are willing to push people out of the way to get it?

  2. The second issues and I think the biggest is, what happens if it went wrong? You push her out of the way and she falls and hurts her self? Even worse, she needs to head to the hospital and misses the rest of the day. You as a photographer have simply spoilt someones most precious day, just over a photograph.

What Should We Do?

I think as photographers we have to come to terms that we can not capture every single moment. In that situation I would of taken the best photo I could of got at the time and then a few days after the wedding explained to the couple the situation. It would then be in the hands of the couple and family member to sort out and you have taken the higher ground without pushing anyone.

As wedding clients I think people need to understand that photographers can’t be in every place at one time and obstacles do get in our way, this is where the couple and photographer need to communicate to each other and work together.

I would love to know what you think and what side of the fence you sit on. I can see this from a photographers point of view, but as a bride or groom, would you be happy with this? Let me know in the comments.

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