What Are My Views On Photography

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Recently I was searching for blogging ideas that I can do over the next few weeks. Theres the usual ‘whats in my bag’ and ‘top tips’ ideas, but then I saw one Idea that caught my eye. Describe photography in 130 words.

Normally I just scroll past stuff like that because it just doesn’t really interest me, but it got me thinking. How would I describe photography in 130 words? Or even better wedding photography? Its not something that I have ever even thought about, but over the last week it has been bugging me slightly.

My Thoughts….

Im not going to condense a whole subject that has so many different fields into 130 words but I thought I would share a few thoughts I do have on the subject and why I think photography is one of the greatest creations humans have ever made.

Humans have roughly walked on this planet for about 200,000 years and its only been in the last 200 that we have been able to record history with any great accuracy. The problems with text and paintings are, they are constantly under the influence from the artists point of view, so they can never been 100% trusted in my opinion. Now Im not saying you should ever believe what you see in a photograph, especially with modern technology, but mostly what you see is what you get in a photograph.

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Wedding Photography…

Being a wedding photographer theres no surprise that I am going to say that I think the photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day! I know you probably think Im a biased, but its the truth. Don’t worry I was the same before I became a photographer!

Everyone seems to put photography down the bottom of the list when planning their wedding day! Why? Because to some people its not important and it doesn’t have any real impact on the actual day, and thats fine of course, but I always say once the cakes been eaten and the wine drunk, once the dress is back in the box and the table decor packed away, what do you have left? A ring? Thats great, but a wedding ring wont remind you what your cake looked like. This for me is why photography is important, it reminds us what a great day we had.

This doesn’t just apply to weddings though. I am constantly photographing my two little girls. I want to keep a visual record of their life, not just for me but for our family in years to come. I don’t just mean photographing the big occasions either, Christmas, Birthdays or key events. I want to be able to remember the little things, playing in the garden during summer BBQ’s or on a autumnal walk collecting leafs.

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How Would I Sum Up Photography

I wasn’t to sure about sharing my thoughts when I first read that blog idea, but just by chance I saw a quote on the internet that I thought summed up it rather well.

The memory of everything is very soon overwhelmed in time

Marcus Aurelius

For me this sums up photography, or why I photograph. I do it to freeze that split second in time so I can treasure it for ever. Nothing stays the same and memories fade.

Photograph everything and more importantly print those images. More photos are bring taken every day than have been taken over the last 100 years, but we are seeing less and less of them. With the power of social media we have become numb to whats in front of us.

Remember those memories, indulge in them, live them and love them!

That is photography….