I first met Shannon and Daniel at the beginning of 2017 to discuss their wedding photography. The first thing you notice about them both is how much they mean to each other, you can normally just tell with a couple, the way the talk and look at each other. 

 Engagement Photography Photo shoot

The next you you notice is Shannon’s laugh (it fills the room) and Daniels awkwardness about the whole photography thing. We met again in the spring to iron out any negative thoughts they might have regarding getting their photos taken all day. 

The Big Day

 Bridal Prep Photography 

The wedding was held at the Wainstone Hotel, Great Broughton, North Yorkshire. A small little village at the foot of the Cleveland Hills. The hotel is small and rustic and offers a great country wedding venue. Below are a few of my favourite photos from the morning.

For Shannons and Daniels main wedding photos we decided to have a quick drive up on top of the hills. The weather wasnt great, but it was dry and the views from the top are stunning. 180 degree views of all of Cleveland and Teesside. 

Congratulations Both of you