I was asked a few weeks back to photograph an engagement shoot by Teresa. The details were a little vague….she was from Ecuador, he was from Norway and they wanted a wedding engagement shoot in Newcastle of all places. We had never met and I had never been asked to photo graph an engagement shoot by two people who are separated by over a 1000 miles in a city they hardly know before.

I was a little apprehensive, but curious at the same time so I said yes! 

 Jesmond Dene wedding photography

When I pulled up to Jesmond Dene in the centre of Newcastle I was a little worried on how the shoot was going to turn out…..it was hammering down. Not just a few spots, I mean heavy rain. In a situation like this you need a great couple, a pair that ooze fun with a care free attitude, luckily I got it.

 Jesmond Dene Engagement photoshoot

 Newcastle Wedding Photography

Not once did they complain about the rain, instead they couldn’t wait to get out in to it. Constantly happy you can just see the love they have for each other. 

They both met in South Africa, where Thomas was contracting for FIFA and Teresa was at university studying English. Their chance encounter came in a coffee shop, thomas was enjoying his morning brew when Teresa walked through the door. He instantly fell for her and tried to buy her coffee – she refused – after the third attempt, and only by thomas telling the waiter to get her a drink she finally accepted.

 Jesmond dene wedding photography

 Newcastle wedding photography

 Newcastle wedding photography

 Newcastle wedding photography

 It was a pleasure meeting Teresa and Thomas, they are such an amazing and fun couple to be around. Good luck with the wedding  and I hope to see you soon.