My second instalment of Mash came at Cod Beck, just past Osmotherly in North Yorkshire. The plan was to keep the shoot really informal and relaxed. We would just walk around the reservoir and I would get some close ups of Mash and Lucy and occasionally go ahead and get some low shots of Mash enjoying his walk. 

The shoot went really well, Mash had a great time I think and it was very Informal and relaxed.

The first problem I came across was the light. The shoot was booked in for 10am so by this time that soft morning light was starting to fade and be replaced with a more harsh light. The problem with this was Mash’s coat is jet black and silky, so the contrast in dark and light often meant that he was blown out on the images. 

To over come this we headed over to the other side of the reservoir in amongst the trees; most of the footpath was in shade and the light was soft and easy to work with. 

I had a great time with Mash and Lucy, both are great to be around and Mash has a brilliant personality. 

Surprisingly for a little dog he’s rather quick. Thank you Lucy, I hope to see you again soon