I was asked to do a pet shoot a while back, I love pets, especially dogs so when I found out the pet in question was a miniature dachshund I just couldn’t refuse. I’ve never come across one before, were a big dog family, so I was pretty excited. With him been a small dog I wanted to get up close and show some of his details, but I also wanted to show his size too. That meant making him look small, a lot of big back ground, a bit of distance between him and the camera and maybe put him on one of the thirds. Looking through the images I think I manged to do this.

I loved having Mash around for the shoot! Hes a great dog, inquisitive, cheeky and fun to be around. Every thing a great dog should be in my opinion. Like I said, a little dog with a big personality! 

I am looking forward to the next shoot, this is an outdoor shoot and I can’t wait to see him outside, playing and strutting his stuff. 

See you next time