This morning I had the pleasure photographing Gomez. 

Gomez is a German Shepherd/ Husky cross, he is HUGE, daft as a brush and great fun. With this shoot my aim was to show what type of dog he is, on first glance hes a big powerful dog with that death stare some dogs just have. I wanted to try and capture that and then show his fun side……after all he still is a pup. 

I love this image, the detail on his fur, the concentration in his eyes as he was waiting for his treat and those teeth. What a dog!!

Next we tried something a bit daft and just had a play really. Lets just say his catching skills weren’t the best.

After a while the novelty started to wear off so we wrapped up. Thank you to Adele and Gomez for been a great model. You can come back any time.