Will it ever happen? That’s the question I asked my self at 5:10am this morning while standing on a cliff edge looking down into Saltwick Bay. I have been trying to shoot this image for nearly a year now. Every thing has to line up perfectly to be able to shoot there. Its a sunrise image with a ship wreck and large rock spire in the back ground. If you can get the image its stunning. Let me set the scene, I’ve had a shocking week at work, long hours and a lot of miles in the van. I finally finish my shifts last night and I’m pretty desperate to get out with the camera, it feels like I haven’t been out for ages. Any way I set the alarm for 4:30am, this should give me enough time to sneak out of the house and get to my location. I’ve packed, checked the weather and checked the tide times. This is where it all goes down hill, low tide is at 8am, the sun rises at 5:30am. I think to my self it will be OK, I checked out the location a few weeks back at low tide and its about 150m out when at its lowest point. 4:30 comes, my alarm goes off and I reluctantly prize my eyes open and roll out of bed. Ten minutes later I’m in my car heading to the shoot filled with joy, its all looking good, even at this hour there’s a little bit of colour in the sky. By the time I get to the coast the sky’s going crazy, reds, yellows and oranges. I head to the path and instantly stop in my tacks…..THE TIDES STILL IN. I could of screamed!!!!!!! trying to get this shot has turned into a mission for me! Every thing has to be perfect, good weather, a low tide, be off work and have some sort of child care in place. I quickly turned around and headed into Whitby to try and salvage the morning, but its still left a sick feeling in my stomach. So what next? Well plan better, hope luck is on my side and keep trying. I HAVE to get that image!! Below is what I managed to salvage. Its the whale bones over looking the harbour.