So what a day! I did my first commercial shoot this morning and what a place to do it. I was a bit nervous to begin with, as most people are when some thing is new but there’s a great team there who like to have a laugh so the nerves soon put at ease. 

The first thing that hits you when you good into the kitchen is the heat, I wasn’t expecting it and I didn’t take into consideration my camera steaming up. I’m not going to lie, there was a bit of panic inside me. Any way the camera thawed after about ten minutes and I could get to work. What I wanted to show in my images is the hard work that goes into running a bakery. A lot of people, and I include my self in this probably don’t know the hours that go into baking, but it was huge eye opener.  Secondly I wanted to show the passion the team put into producing their products, and its not just from one person, it seems to be coming from everyone. The thing I love about this place is every thing from the bread to the cakes is crafted, its not simply made. If you get chance call in next door for a coffee and a slice of cake, you wont be disappointed. 

Below are some of my favourite images, I hope you enjoy…Aaron