I’m back, I’m shooting, I’m selling and I’m upgrading! 

Sorry for the huge gap in posts, things went a little off the boil, since my last blog, child number two has arrived and all things photography got put on the back burner a little. Now though things have gone from one extreme to another. 

I had an epic trip to the lake district during peak autumn, it almost seemed like every where I turned there was a shot to be had and in the world of landscape photography those days are very rare. 

Here’s a few sample images from the day. 

  Duke of Portland Boat House | Ullswater | Lake District

Duke of Portland Boat House | Ullswater | Lake District

This was my first image of the day, after a two hour drive I was a little disappointed with the sky, it was very flat and pretty overcast. One huge benefit was there wasn’t even a breeze. Ullswater was like a mirror. Once I got my shot I moved on. 

  Aira Force | Ullswater | Lake District

Aira Force | Ullswater | Lake District

A short trip down the road to Aira force. When I arrived the car park was empty and it was bliss having the whole trail to myself. Getting back was a different story, it was like fighting through a stampede. 

  Ullswater | Lake District

Ullswater | Lake District

Lastly from Ullswater I came across this shot from the roadside. I love this image, there’s something so peaceful about it that I had it printed larger (60×25). When it arrived the centre of the image was brilliant, rich colours and tack sharp, then you get to the edges and the quality drops hugely. To say the least I was gutted, So gutted that I decided to completely upgrade my whole camera system. The canon went out the window and I looked into a mirrorless system after talking for 40 minutes with another photographer at the Duke of Portland boat house and trying his Sony A7. 


After weeks of research I finally decided to go for the X T2. Why? Firstly its smaller and lighter which means when I’m out for a full day shooting landscapes, where every gram counts, I can walk for longer and shoot for longer. 

Secondly (and I thought long and hard about this point) now I have set my wedding and portrait business up fully I have found people don’t want a huge DSLR camera in their face. With the FUJI, its so small and silent I can get close and personal to capture those intimate moments without ruining them.  During a wedding, personally I think this is a huge factor that some wedding photographers simply don’t think about. 

So this is my set up from know on, small, compact, light and in my opinion brilliant for me.

Lastly did someone mention its Christmas.

My Christmas started in the beginning of November. One night me and my wife sat down and decided to bite the bullet and start selling my Landscape work. It was a gamble and pretty nerve racking. I had never really put any of my work out into the public domain before. Posting an image on social media or showing your images to family members is very different to printing, framing and presenting images to joe bloggs. People want to know the facts about every image, you have to be on your game!! Places, time of year, surrounding areas, weather, time of day, equipment, the list is endless and people love too give you their feed back on your prints for good or worse. Luckily in my case its been mainly positive.

At first I was very nervous, but I have learnt a huge amount from every single person that I have spoke with over the last month. What I thought were good images and would be snapped up have sunk like a lead balloon where others that weren’t really my favourite have been hugely popular. Every Fayre that we have been to has been hugely different too, from Gisborough Hall where we had thousands through the door too the primary schools where Santas been the main guy. Overall its been a great success and this has opened the flood gates for next year. On wards and upwards

To everyone we have seen and spoken too, its been a pleasure. Tonight was our last event this year, we are going to have a rest, enjoy Christmas with out family’s and come back bigger and better next year. And I can’t wait!!

We hope you have a great Christmas and New Year and well see you on the other side!!