Aaron Jeffels is a wedding photographer covering the North east and North Yorkshire

Aaron Jeffels Photography, Wedding photographer covering East Cleveland, Teesside, Middlesbrough, Durham, York and Newcastle.

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Aaron Jeffels Photography - Capturing True Moments

Hello, I am Aaron and I love wedding photography, I also love people watching. It is this love that has shaped my photography style. I dont think wedding photography should be about standing around for hours taking photographs, I also dont think wedding photography should be forced or created like a magazine or Pinterest board.

So what should wedding photography be?

Wedding photography for me should be fun, simple, exciting, truthful, but most importantly it should tell a story about your wedding day.

What I try to do is blend my passion of wedding photography and people watching to try and create real and authentic moments from the people I am photographing.

NOTHING is staged! What happens on the day is what you get in your photos, I just try and add my unique twist on your wedding photos. If theres a child at the front of the church crying then thats just as important to me as any other photo. These are the moment that make up your wedding day and when you put all these moments together, thats when you get your story!

There is nothing more natural than a happy, loving couple on their wedding day.

I am based in Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland, but I cover just about anywhere. If you are getting married in Middlesbrough or Newcastle and need a photographer then thats not a problem, York? give me a call, Scarborough? Yep…Darlington,Ripon, Thirsk, Leeds, sure why not. Places aren’t important to me and Im happy to travel, its the people that take me there.



I have three packages to choose from. All my wedding photography packages can be customised to suit your needs. All of your images are displayed in a beautiful online gallery that family and friends can download or order prints from. All your images are presented in a handmade wood box including prints.

For people who value the quality of printing their photos I now offer packages that include mounted prints that come in a bespoke folio box, perfect if you want to create a family heirloom that will last for generations.

I am now offering wedding albums as an optional extra.

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I married my wife on Bonfire Night. Both of us love Autumn and that whole two week period around Halloween and Bonfire Night is our favourite time of year. Its normally spent with family and friends at various parties, so we decided to get married then. The one thing I always remember when looking back at our wedding was how cold we both were getting our wedding photos done. I promised my self I wouldn't do that to another couple, so I looked at another way to photograph people. I think I have found it! I never pose couples in the traditional way. We find a nice back drop then I ask a series of questions, for example, "how did you meet?" or "who proposed and how?" This always generates a natural reaction and never a forced smile. Its fun, natural and quick. Is there anything worse than asking someone to look into another persons eyes and force a smile? I don't think so.

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For 99% of the day I shoot in a complete candid style. I never pose a photo or force a situation. I love to tell a story with each of my photos, which when all added together tells the story of your wedding day. From my own experience of my wedding day you don't get to see so much of it. That's where I come in. For me a photo of that one cheeky kid at the back of the church is just as important as any other photo. 

If you are a couple who like the outdoors and love to explore then send me a message. I often work with couples who aren't afraid of getting a little messy or not letting the weather spoil their day. Lets get outside and create some amazing memories

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