Aaron Jeffels Photography

Hello, I am Aaron and I love taking photos of people. is there a better place to capture peoples true emotions than at a wedding? I don't think so.

My aim is to tell your story and how it unfolded during your day. I photograph in a candid style. Non intrusive and completely natural, this helps me photograph all the laughs, smiles and tears throughout your wedding day.


Prices and Packages

I have three packages to choose from. My full day package starts from £795. For this great price your get a full days wedding photography, with no set start or finish times. All your images displayed in a beautiful online gallery that family and friends can download or order prints from. All your images presented in a handmade wood box including prints.

I am now offering wedding albums as an optional extra.

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I married my wife on Bonfire Night. Both of us love Autumn and that whole two week period around Halloween and Bonfire Night is our favourite time of year. Its normally spent with family and friends at various parties, so we decided to get married then. The one thing I always remember when looking back at our wedding was how cold we both were getting our wedding photos done. I promised my self I wouldn't do that to another couple, so I looked at another way to photograph people. I think I have found it! I never pose couples in a traditional way. We find a nice back drop then I ask a series of questions, for example, "how did you meet?" or "who proposed and how?" This always generates a natural reaction and never a forced smile. Its fun, natural and quick. Is there anything worse than asking someone to look into another persons eyes and force a smile? I don't think so.

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For 99% of the day I shoot in a complete natural style. I never pose a photo or force a situation. I love to tell a story with each of my photos, which when added all together tells the story of you wedding day. From my own experience of my wedding day you don't get to see so much of it. Thats where I come in. For me a photo of that one cheeky kid at the back of the church is just as important as any other photo. 


 For 2018 I wanted to do some thing different. Some thing that represents me and what I enjoy from life.

Explorer Photo Shoots!!  

I love the outdoors and its where my passion for photography came from. I would read through outdoor magazines and see these amazing images of landscapes from all over the world. I would walk my two huskies through the pine forests at the back of my house or make my way across the rugged North Yorkshire Moors and had no way of capturing these amazing landscapes that are on our doors step. I started photographing these landscape and that's how I ended up sitting here.

So what is an explorer Photo shoot?

Its a normal candid photo shoot but set in some of Britain's amazing landscapes. It will last for 3-5 hours and consist of walking to some amazing locations. From the North East of England we are blessed to live so close to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, so wouldn't it be great if we can take some breath taking photo with you in it?  

Who is this for?

This is for outdoor lovers! People who love adventure and exploring in all weather. This is for people who love getting muddy, getting wet and love the feel of the wind on their face. This is for people who feel just as comfortable in their walking boots as they do in their heels! There's no need to dress up or wear make up, just bring your sense of adventure and a big smile. 

How Much?

 3-5 hours of photography, all edited photos on a wooden USB and your own personal online gallery where you can download and order prints is £150. 

This can also be added to any wedding package for the adventurers out there