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Before we get started, have a watch of the video might just give you a idea of what I'm about.


Why do people hire wedding photographers? Because your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life and you want to remember it. The difference now is people are sick and tired of the formal wedding photographs, they want fresh ideas, they want to see everything that happened on their special day, this is where I step in!

I'm not your traditional photographer, I want to photograph your wedding day in the most natural and beautiful way possible. By been discreet, acting natural and having fun, its about gaining the trust of yourself and your guests. In my opinion what makes a great photograph is raw emotion, a father shedding a tear when giving his daughter away or a flower girl not playing ball just when you need her too. 

No one remembers lining up and forcing a smile, but you will remember the feeling of walking down the isle, so lets capture that. 

They all count, and its what makes your wedding day yours. 


Teesside wedding photographer 

I've had a camera in my hands for over ten years now. It started in college but they I left and joined the Royal Navy. A little while later, a few house moves, getting married my self and the arrival of two kids I'm still taking photographs.....just a little more seriously now. 

Why did I choose the my style? Well it soon because apparent that not everyone are models.....most people hate getting their photograph taken. My main aim is to take natural looking shots with real emotion showing and get you back to your guests sooner rather than later. 

When I got married, we had an excellent photographer, but the only thing I remember from getting photographed is how long it had taken and how cold we were (it was bonfire night) From that moment I new I had to take a different approach. No one should be cold and miserable on their wedding day. 

Bridal Prep Photography


Where do I Cover?

  Every where! I am based in a little town in the north east called Guisborough. That's York, Middlesbrough, Durham, Newcastle and any where in between covered. If we get on though and there's a good party at the end of it, my bags will be packed and ill be there. 

York, Middlesbrough, Durham, Newcastle and any where in between

Engagement shoot teesside

What do you get from me?

 Firstly a no obligation meeting, lets have a brew and get to know each other a little. Its no good me taking photos of you all day if we don't get on. Secondly an engagement shoot, lets brake some ice, I get to see what you're like in front of the camera and you get to see how I work.


Lastly and most importantly the big day, on time, dressed as a guest (suit and tie - no black shirts with fancy logos on the back and my name on my chest) and ready to document your wedding day. Lets make it fun and relaxed, more importantly lets get you with your wedding guests, enjoying yourself as much as possible!!


If it sounds like were a good fit then hit the button below!